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Dr Michael Lillibridge
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The Peoplemap™ System of Training and Development

Peoplemap™ Training is a corporate training and consulting firm. We are the "people" side of the equation providing people development programs using our Peoplemap™ Personality System. We do training in both Leadership and Teambuilding.

The Peoplemap™ Company does a great deal of work with City and County Government groups, Hospitals and Physicians, and Engineering Firms. Listed below are some of the groups that have used Peoplemap™ Training throughout their organization along with a few references from each group.

The Peoplemap™ with City and County Government

  • City of Boca Raton Florida
  • Orange County Government–Orlando, Florida
  • City of Delray Beach Florida
  • City of Clearwater Florida
  • Lake County Florida
  • City of West Palm Beach Florida
  • Seminole County Florida
  • City of St. Pete Beach Florida
  • City of Santa Fe Springs California
  • Town of Colma California
  • City of Temple Terrace Florida
  • City of San Mateo California
  • The Innovations Group
  • League of California Cities
  • Florida City and County Managers Association
  • City of Sunrise Arizona
  • City of Waco Texas

What People in City and County Government Have To Say About the Peoplemap™ Program

"I wanted to write to say "thank you!" Involving all our city employees in the Peoplemap™ Program has been wonderful. It is an excellent program for identifying personality types and then showing people how they can relate and communicate more effectively with one another. It is a simple, easy–to–learn system. Feedback from staff has been very positive. Days later, they are still talking about the personality types for themselves and others. Even those who were initially skeptical have been won over and are singing your praises. The results of the Peoplemap™ workshop is exactly what we were hoping; improved communication both in and between departments and a greater sense of team spirit and commitment to our overall goals as a city.

Again, thanks so much for this enlightening, useful program. Please contact me if I can recommend it to anyone else."

Linda J. Pappas Diaz, City Manager, Colma California

"When I returned to the office following your two days with us, the energy was everywhere. Managers were already sharing the entire experience and, of course, the Peoplemap™ with their staffs. The "Leadership Institute" staff group had connected in a way that had not happened before their meeting with you and they seemed to share a better understanding of each other. Feedback was nothing but positive. The message was already being integrated into the organization."

"This was my first attempt in the capacity of City Manager to organize an event of this nature in an effort to team-build and bring the management team together outside of the work environment. The follow-up questionnaires that were sent out to staff indicated that it was a great success, due to your connecting with the group in a positive and motivational way. I felt comfortable that this would work well in our organization, but to the extent that it energized the organization was even more than I had anticipated."

Fred Latham, City Manager, City of Santa Fe Springs California

The Peoplemap™ with Engineering Firms

We do a great deal of work with engineering firms. Some of these companies that use our Peoplemap™ approach include:

  • PBS&J — Training over 2,000 people
  • Wilson-Miller — Training all engineers (170+)
  • Tampa Bay Engineering — 60 engineers
  • Kimley-Horn and Associates — Training over 700 people
  • Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers
  • Scheda Ecological Associates — All staff trained
  • PSMJ Resources — Peoplemap™ Leadership Training across the country
  • EMC Engineering Services
  • Tilden Lobnitz Cooper — Peoplemap™ Leadership and Teambuilding training programs — 300 trained
  • Kleinschmidt and Associates — Entire organization
  • Harding Lawson and Associates
  • Florida Engineering Society
  • Ellis Engineering
  • Burkett Engineering
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff Construction Services
  • Hillsborough County Water Department — 500 trained
  • Hillsborough County Expressway Authority
  • Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
  • State of Florida Health Department
  • St. Johns River Water Management District — 600 trained
  • South Florida Water Management District — 1,400 trained

What Engineering Firms Have To Say About The Peoplemap™ Program

"We began using Dr. Lillibridge in 1990 with People Skills Programs. In 1997 we began using his Peoplemap™ Training to help with teambuilding, conflict resolution and job placement. It has proven to be so effective we are training all 2,700 of our employees in his approach."

John B. Zumwalt III, PE,CEO, PBS&J

"You knocked them dead! Our entire group was totally enthralled with your workshop. Everyone left feeling they had acquired a better understanding of human nature that would significantly improve their personal and professional relationships. Furthermore, they appear to have been right. After nearly two months, I am still getting positive feedback on the value they have found in the daily use of the Peoplemap™.

Communication problems with fellow workers and family members have dwindled now that they have a tool to work with. We are very satisfied customers and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again soon."

Priscilla Trescott, Director of Professional Development, Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers

The Peoplemap™ with Hospitals and Physicians

Some of the hospitals and physician groups that have used the Peoplemap™ Training approach include:

  • Allegheny Health Systems St. Petersburg
  • Baptist Health: Cancer Institute
  • Baptist Health: Educational Services
  • Baptist Health: Cardiovascular Nurses
  • Baptist Health: Critical Care Nurses
  • Baptist Health: Psychiatric & Psychological Care
  • Bay Pines VA Hospital St. Petersburg
  • Chico Memorial Hospital Chico California
  • Children´s Eye Clinic Tampa
  • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Tampa
  • Jacksonville Pathology Consultants
  • Jacksonville Heart Center
  • St. Joseph´s Hospital Tampa
  • Suncoast Gerontology Center Tampa
  • Tampa VA Hospital
  • Lakeland Regional Hospital, Michigan

What Healthcare Professionals Have To Say About The Peoplemap™ Program

"The Peoplemap™ seminar was of incalculable value to our organization. By developing an awareness of differing styles of communication, we came to understand one another with greater clarity and to appreciate the varying contributions that each can make to a relationship or company. I recommend it highly, both as a tool for personal growth and organizational development."

William Wainwright, M.D., President, Jacksonville Heart Center

"Dr. Master´s facilitation of the Peoplemap™ Program has had a significant impact on our organization. We have finally found an assessment and training program that is quick, easy to understand and not intimidating. It has set the ground work for managers and co–workers to be aware of and understand each others´ similarities and differences and to use that knowledge to communicate more effectively with one another."

Douglas Maile, Executive Administrator, Jacksonville Heart Center

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