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Dr Michael Lillibridge
PeopleMap Test

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Online PeopleMap Questionaire

Would you like to know what your natural strengths are in life? Would you like to have a personal "map" for getting along with others? Would you like to have a clear understanding of the things that could block your success and a clear roadmap that can help you be successful? If you are answering yes to these questions, the Peoplemap™ Professional Development Report is your solution. This profile is based on your answers to the seven questions on the Peoplemap™ Questionaire.

This profile provides you with important information on your Primary and Combination Peoplemap™ Type scores. From this information we give you critical information on your natural in-born strengths and what motivates your personality type.

Based on your Peoplemap™ scores, your report provides you a 16–page in–depth analysis consisting of critical information related to your primary type, combination type and what you prefer least at work and home. The report provides specific information related to your strengths, Achilles Heel(s) and developmental opportunities. The skills include addressing issues of conflict, leadership, and how to work effectively with others.

This is a must for anyone who is leading others and seeking to improve him or herself at work and at home. If you are serious about taking an important step in reaching your potential at work, you will find the Peoplemap™ Professional Development Report an invaluable addition to your toolbox.

Online PeopleMap Questionaire

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